Monday, June 1, 2020
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Ronan Kreet

France Train Shooting: Three Wounded By Gunman

Amsterdam To Paris Three people were wounded in an opened fire by an armed man on a high-speed train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris. He was then subdued by passengers, led by two Americans. This incident was aired by the British...

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WhatsApp Slams Brakes On Coronavirus Fake News

WhatsApp is joining the official fight to tackle fake news about coronavirus on social media sites. The chat app owned...
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Coronavirus Popularity Boost For Leaders – But Will It Last?

The popularity of world leaders during the coronavirus crisis is going through the roof, say opinion polls British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is flying high...

Hajj Pilgrimage In Doubt Due To Coronavirus

Millions of worshippers may have to put plans for a once in a lifetime visit to Mecca for the hajj religious pilgrimage on hold...

Who Is The Body Coach Joe Wicks?

Body coach Joe Wicks has taken the world by storm with millions of bored fitness fanatics tuning into his online exercise videos. In just a...

Coronavirus Pushes Leading Economies Towards Recession

Every month of coronavirus lockdown will slash 2% in annual GDP growth of the world’s major economies, according to a new study. Many economies will...